Strategies to Install and Maintain Commercial Water Heater

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Installation of commercial water heaters is essential to supply hot water to many business facilities, such as hotels, housing estates, hospitals, salons, and spas. However, identifying the best plumber who can guide, install, and support every step of installing and maintaining the water heater is challenging. This article aims to make the job easy by identifying various aspects of maintaining commercial water heaters in the long run.

Strategies to Follow for Water Heater Installation 

Get Necessary Consultation Before Installing

Commercial water heater systems are available in many forms, including conventional and hybrid systems. The conventional system consists of a large tank, while the hybrid system has a heat pump and water tank. Heating the conventional system requires gas or electric power, whereas hybrid systems use a heat pump.

Identifying the perfect water heater for your commercial facility requires professional advice. Heating burns energy, which increases the cost of energy consumption. You do not want to pay a high bill for electricity, right? Therefore, consult with only reputed commercial plumbing service providers.

Did you know that a hybrid water heater reduces the cost of electricity consumption by 60%? However, the hybrid water heater installation requires vast space and a proper electric connection. On the other hand, conventional water heaters require connected gas pipes. 

How would you know the best heating solution applicable to your commercial space? Here comes the trusted commercial plumbing service provider, Guru Plumbing. 

The expert team will visit the location and identify the feasibility of installing the specific type of water heating system. They will suggest necessary adjustments and precautions to ensure the facility’s lasting operation. In an emergency, you will access necessary support with immediate actions and provisions.

Get The Commercial Water Heater of the Right Size

Commercial space requires immediate hot water with an adequate supply. The intermittent water supply makes maintaining a sustainable operation challenging. Therefore, you need to identify the right size of water heater based on financial provisions, the need for water supply, daily water consumption, and available space. 

Reputed commercial plumbing service providers like Guru Plumbing will inspect the space based on different aspects to suggest the best economical solution for water heater installation.

The assistance of expert plumbing services will make required outdoor plumbing system repairs feasible and affordable. 

Periodic maintenance and necessary adjustments for system installation will be effortless and less time-consuming as the expert team will suggest the right size of the heater, considering future needs, available provisions, and necessary adjustments.

Always Choose the Best in the Industry

The reputed commercial plumbing service providers have the expertise and experience to suggest the best solution for water heater installation. They are aware of critical aspects, crucial issues, potential errors, and many other information that are possible to gain through experience.

Choosing any naive plumbing service provider for a commercial facility can result in many mistakes, which will require replacing or changing the water heater. The cost of maintenance should be less than the cost of purchase. The perfect installation of water heaters generates a high return on investment in the long run. 

Moreover, trusting the best plumbing service provider makes outdoor plumbing system repair in emergencies affordable. Maintaining the installation process by the book ensures there will be fewer requirements for immediate or repetitive repair, which will help save considerable costs in the long run.

Critical Aspects of Water Heater Maintenance 

Need for Maintenance

Without periodic maintenance, a commercial water heater results in high energy consumption and high electricity bills. The best use of small and large-scale outdoor plumbing system repair enhances the life span of the facility and keeps a tab on electricity or gas consumption.

Choose certified plumbers for installation and maintenance of the water heater system as they know the potential drawbacks or challenges of the system, which can impact its overall life span.

Water Heater Replacement

A perfectly installed water heater system will operate for around 15 to 20 years without replacement. However, in most scenarios, the commercial water heater installation becomes faulty, which reduces the operating tenure to 5 years. 

Cost of Maintenance

The cost of installation and maintenance increases manyfold if the water heater system fails to accommodate commercial needs. The huge facility is difficult to move and replace if it does not perform as required.

Choose an expert in the commercial plumbing service industry to ensure the sustainability and efficiency of water heaters in a commercial environment. 

Guru Plumbing owns a team of certified plumbers who advise planning every stage of the installation process based on the available scope and future needs. Taking a long-term approach to designing the perfect size and installation of water heaters keeps various minor issues and concerns at bay. 

The Volume of Hot Water

In a commercial water heater, the volume of hot water decreases if sediments build up in the wall. The heater takes more time to increase the temperature of the water. It leads to increased utility bills and complaints from employees, customers, and tenants. 

Trust the best commercial plumbing service providers to conduct periodic outdoor plumbing system repairs and necessary adjustments to own an efficient water heater system that ensures uninterrupted access to hot water. 

Identify Signs to Repair Water Heater 


Faulty water valves, poor maintenance, sediment buildup, and other reasons can lead to water leakage in commercial water heater systems. Periodic maintenance helps to identify any leakage before the situation goes out of hand. 


Running out of hot water repeatedly or sudden up and down of water temperature indicates a malfunction of the water heater. Before investing in outdoor plumbing system repair, the issue requires a close inspection of the system.

Change in Colour 

If sediments build up in the inner wall of the water heater, the colour of the hot water will change due to algae. Contact reputed commercial plumbing service providers to solve the problem immediately.

Hot Tank

An overheated tank indicates issues in the insulator or ventilator. Immediate assistance from trained plumbers is essential to avoid accidents caused by hot tanks in commercial facilities.


Repair and maintenance are integral parts of water heater installation to make the system last long. Therefore, trusting the best commercial plumbing service provider, Guru Plumbing, gives confidence for effective installation, perfect adjustments, and immediate assistance for urgent requirements. The cost of installation and maintenance may vary based on size, capacity, and other aspects of commercial water heaters. However, relying on the best in the industry makes each choice worthy to pursue.


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