Top Reasons for Toilet Replacement – Which Toilet Installation You Should Choose?

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Toilet Installation Service

Your bathroom is your personal space – an area where you rejuvenate your mind and soul. However, considering today’s hectic schedule, most millennial workers often neglect the space. The fact that contemporary toilet designs improve your mood is enough to point out the reason for a new toilet installation. 

Are you already planning to opt for a new toilet installation service? This post is your handy guide. Let’s find out when and why you must install a new toilet.

Reasons/Signs to Replace Your Old Toilet

The following are the reasons why a homeowner may wish to replace the old toilet:

Mitigate Risks of Expensive Repairs

A minor repair to your toilet might be justifiable. But when the issues worsen, even several minor repairs can result in unnecessary costs. So, it’s better to plan for a replacement instead. A new toilet has smart features that improve efficiency and boost your mood. 

Numerous Cracks and Leaks 

If the toilet has various leaks and cracks, the repair cost may be higher. At times, a minor repair can come with a considerable expense. Besides, leaks can waste water and hinder your experience inside your private space. 

So, choosing a new toilet installation is always better than calling the plumbing team several times for small cracks and leaks. Plus, small leaks in old toilets would also not guarantee longevity. Thus, replacing it is an excellent decision.

Planning for a Revamp

Your decision to choose a toilet installation can be solely for remodelling purposes. Understandably, you may want to select a new décor for your whole house. Since your washroom is a part of it, you can consider changing the old design. 

Modern Toilet Designs Available from Reliable Companies 

Planning to hire a qualified team for local plumbing services? Remember, the best toilet for your home depends on individual tastes and preferences. Additionally, it also depends on the bathroom layout and design. So, while choosing a bathroom toilet, you must consider your washroom’s design and size. 

Two-Piece Toilets

They are much easier to install. Their ease and convenience make them popular these days. Such units are simpler to clean as they have little bacterial growth space. They come with a bowl and a separate tank. The installer connects them easily. Convincingly, you can find multiple styles of two-piece toilets. So, as an economically conscious individual, this design is more affordable than other types.

One-Piece Toilets

The best part of using one-piece toilets is their cleaning ease. One-piece toilets do not include fewer crevices and seams. So, it becomes difficult for germs and dirt to accumulate. However, they are less affordable than two-piece toilet units (as they include complex installation steps). You may find a wide range of styles of one-piece toilets in the market. A minimalist can consider this unit as durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Wall-Mounted Toilets

These toilets save immense space since they are wall-mounted. The tank is hidden behind the bathroom wall. So, it offers a stylish interior design as you can only see the bowl visible outside. Again, wall-mounted toilets also include complicated installation. Additionally, several electrical and plumbing tasks are associated with the process. So, you must consult a reliable team to install it. 

Compact Toilets

Compact toilets are best for small toilets. If your washroom isn’t that spacious, consider a standard-sized compact toilet. Such units need negligible or less maintenance compared to other toilets. These toilets are ideal for en-suite bathrooms, powder rooms, and kids’ bathrooms. 

Smart Toilets

In a contemporary interior design world where luxury meets functionality, there’s no point in neglecting the prominence of a smart toilet installation. Undoubtedly, they are pretty pricier than other types (mentioned above). However, their efficiency in offering a touch-free operation makes them extremely popular.

As we all know, smart toilets have become immensely popular among modern homeowners. They may include the following advanced technologies:

  • Automatic flushing
  • Heated seats
  • Self-cleaning and more 

So, if you want to install a smart toilet, contact a local plumber with expertise and experience in this industry.

Wrapping up

A busy homeowner often needs to pay more attention to the importance of interior design. So, whether the toilet installation is for a design purpose or you want to reduce additional repair expenses, this post has offered detailed information. 

There was a time when Optimised Plumbing Services was rated as an A-graded team in Australia. However, its growing prominence resulted in a massive increase in the cost figures. So, if you plan to hire an affordable and reliable plumbing team, Guru Plumbing comes to your rescue. Thus, you can consult the team for a wall-hung or conventional floor-mount toilet design.


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