Factors You Must Consider During New Toilet Installation

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Factors You Must Consider During New Toilet Installation

A new toilet installation is not a complex task. You can often DIY. However, there are technicalities associated with it, and you might require a professional toilet installation service to make things hassle-free.


Along with this, there are some factors you must take into account while installing your new toilet. Here, we have delved into factors that you must consider when installing your new toilet.


Give the blog a thorough read, and you’ll know what to take care of before, during, and after a new toilet installation.


Quick Considerations


There are a few quick things to consider before you install your new toilet.


1. Ensure your new toilet is about the same size as your old one. If you buy a larger or a fancy toilet, it might not fit well, or the piping might crowd your bathroom.

2. Get a toilet that has the same plumbing features as your old one. Doing so saves you a lot of time and hassle in installing your toilet and reduces the costs of installation as well.

3. Take into account the comfort factor. If you are a tall person, you must go for a tall toilet. A short toilet for a tall person is not suitable and ultimately very uncomfortable. So, you shouldn’t go with such a choice.


Toilet Traps – What They Are


The next thing to consider is the toilet traps. Two types of traps are readily available in the market – S-trap and P-trap.


P-traps are superior to S-traps. But to understand the difference, you’ll have to know what traps are. Traps are those piping that prevent bad odour and harmful gases from reaching your living room. The reason why harmful gases like carbon monoxide, nitrogen, or methane do not enter your living room is these piping called traps. If not for these traps, you would have more than just bad odour from entering your rooms. These gases can cause extreme health hazards.


Why P-Traps are Superior to S-Traps?


S-traps get their name from their S shape. In this design, the pipes lead directly to the floor. Old buildings often have s-traps installed, in which the pipes are found on the ground floor. When not maintained properly, s-traps are more likely to water siphon.


Water siphoning is a phenomenon where the water gets evaporated through the trap that is meant to block the sewer gases. When an -s-trap gets dry, it means that there is no water to block the sewer gases from reaching inside your bathroom or living room. So, S-traps are not ideal for new toilet installation.


If you have an S-trap installed, you should replace it with a P-trap, if possible. P-traps eliminate the possibility of harmful and foul-odoured gases from reaching your bathroom.


Having said that, you should connect with a professional toilet installation service to do this part. The process of installing a p-trap is extremely complex and best left to professionals.


WELS Rating


There is a specific ranking system for toilets in Australia. Toilets are ranked under the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards System or WELS. It essentially measures how water-efficient a toilet is. You can consider the WELS rating of a toilet if you want your installation to be eco-friendly and save money on utilities. A six-star is the highest on the WELS system. A new toilet installation is desired to have at least four stars under this system.


Types of Toilet


The final thing to consider is the type of toilet you want to install. There are a few types of toilets available for installation in Australia, and you can choose from them.


Close Coupled


These are the most popular choices among homeowners. They are simple in design and are widely used. They are a single unit, and installation is easy and less time-consuming.


Back to Wall


These are basically close-coupled toilets designed to sit flat on the wall. Installation is easy, and the cistern is easily accessible in this single-unit toilet.


Wall Faced


These are fancier toilet options where the cistern is installed within the walls or cabinets instead of having it attached to the pan. These are sleek and minimalistic, and you can choose these for a trendier look to your home.


Wall Hung


These are raised from the bathroom floor and are the most evolved version of modern toilets. You can choose these for your modernly decorated home.




Toilet installation is not a complex task, and often, you can DIY. Having the above-discussed factors, such as the type of trap, WELS rating, and toilet type, will help you make an informed decision.


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