5 Top Signs Indicating It’s Time to Choose Drain Cleaning Solutions for Home

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As a working individual who has to manage both work and home simultaneously, bathroom cleaning is definitely not part of your regular regimen. Instead, you wait for that perfect lazy Sunday afternoon when you can get your ‘me-time’ and wash and turn your toilet or kitchen into sparkling white. 

So, as a house manager, you are so busy that you don’t have additional time to look after drainage issues after performing your errands and professional work. But let’s tell you one simple fact – the more you neglect, the further the scenario worsens. The problem begins when you neglect small signs that indicate a big drainage problem in the future. 

Since you are here reading this post, it can be assumed that you are facing certain drainage issues. If you plan to hire a plumbing system repair team, read these pointers before you decide on the services.

Is It a Drainage Issue? 5 Signs Suggesting You Should Consult a Professional

So you already know the basic purpose of drains – they remove excess water and dirty particles from your sink, bathroom, and basin to the central reservoir. They also collect waste and transport it to the central reservoir through pipes.

They give pathways for water to flow through the way without causing damage to the property or surrounding areas. Thus, clogged or blocked drains might indicate severe health issues and damage to the property’s structure. 

Overflowing Toilets

You may have experienced occasional clogs for various reasons. And you have your DIY remedy for such issues, like using baking powder and vinegar solution. But there might be times when the toilet blocks easily. Or those DIY methods don’t work. 

Remember, the clog can occur due to any particle restricting the water flow. It can be a paper towel, soap scum, tree roots, or even tangled hair. So, please get in touch with a plumber for drain cleaning.

Gurgling Noise

Gurgling occurs when certain particles prevent air or water from flowing through the drains. The drain allows water to travel through. A particle restricting the water flow traps gas or air bubbles inside. This results in gurgling. It can happen anywhere – your washroom, sink, shower, or floors. It’s a warning sign that indicates your vent pipe or drain line is clogged. You may get in touch with a team for drain cleaning services. 

Nasty Odour

Experiencing unnatural odour (like rotten eggs) every time you get inside your washroom or kitchen? You might have tried reducing the odour by opening the window, spraying, using baking soda, and more. But it seems nothing works. You still cannot figure out the reason behind the unpleasant odour, right? Well, let’s explain things in brief.

The unnatural odour does not come out of your bathroom or kitchen. It comes directly from the drains. It occurs when particles like food waste, human waste, grease, or debris clog the drain. These particles hinder water from flowing through the pipe. As a result, toxic gases are formed, which results in unpleasant odours. 

Those chemical killers might reduce the odour. However, they cannot totally eliminate them (the ones that can are made with chemicals that are dangerous for your health). Smelling these chemicals may cause headaches, tiredness, and irritation. So, you must consult a professional to fix this with sustainable or green plumbing solutions.

Slow Water Flowing 

How annoying is it when you see your sink filling with water each time you brush your teeth or wash your hands? When the soap scum gathers around the hole, it may leave an ugly film which is somewhat hard to clean. If your basin is slow, it indicates the blockage is close to the surface. But if your bathroom basin and kitchen sink are slowing down at the same time, the problem is bigger than you ever expected. 

That means the blockage occurs in your sewer line. It may form extra build-up and corrode pipes. Instead of wondering what to do next, please don’t hesitate to consult a plumber.

Flies Entering the Drainage Pipes

People in your house might call you a perfectionist in your kitchen area. You prepare your food, wash the areas, and clean everything before signing off. However, you might never realise one thing. Fruit flies are attracted to kitchen counters because of the struck food in the drainage pipes. 

No matter how perfectly you clean those kitchen areas, you cannot eliminate small food particles from entering the drain. As soon as the food is built up inside the drain, it automatically attracts the flies. Small rodents and insects may get trapped inside the drain in other circumstances.  

The larger rodents use the drainpipes to pass through broken pipes or toilets. These insects, flies, and rodents may result in drainage issues. In such instances, you have no choice but to consult the plumber shortly. 

Wrapping up

So, you finally realise the role of a plumber. And while searching for “plumbing services near me”, you have been directed to this post. Now that you have read the top signs indicating drainage issues at home, you should consult a company that offers sustainable plumbing solutions.


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