5 Signs You Need Water Heater System Repair

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5 Signs You Need Water Heater System Repair

A water heater is one of the most important systems in your house. It supplies hot water to all water fixtures and appliances when needed. Any malfunctioning of this system may cause you to endure unnecessary hardship and hamper your daily life.


Luckily, a water heater system usually shows signs of damage before it stops functioning or malfunctions. Identifying these signs will help you spot the damage sooner and make the needed repairs to prevent your daily life from getting hampered.


Here are a few signs that your water heater will show before it starts malfunctioning. For any query related to plumbing, such as water heater installation or repair, you can always connect with Guru Plumbing for the finest services.


Rusty Water


If your water heater shows brown or orange deposits, it’s a clear sign of a tank or system issue. The cause of this deposition is rust. If water from both your hot and cold water faucets is rusty, you may have a plumbing problem. However, if only your hot water faucet is showing rusty water, then your problem lies with your water heater. Have your water heater checked and maintained regularly to avoid this problem. Or, connect with a reliable Outdoor Plumbing System Repair service to get your water heating system fixed.


Low Pressure


If you find that the water flow isn’t what it should be or is weak in your tap, it could mean a blockage in the line or the pressure regulator isn’t working properly. Pressure regulator problems are often caused by a leaked or worn gasket inside the water regulator.


Mineral deposits can also reduce hot water pressure and damage your water heater. The mineral deposits formed in the water heater can end up blocking the pipes, which, in turn, can reduce the water pressure from the boiler.


Inconsistent Water Temperature


Mineral deposits around the water-heating components of the heater are the usual cause of inconsistent water temperature. Mineral deposits can be so bad at times that they can take up the space that should be filled with hot water. This can reduce the water-holding capacity of the heater.


For new heaters, it might be easy to remove these deposits. However, older systems damaged by mineral deposits might not be able to be repaired and need to be replaced.


Internal Tank Leak


A crack, corrosion, or leak on the inside of the water heater can lead to a loss in durability, and then it can’t withstand water pressure. Lack of maintenance is the number one reason behind internal tank leaks. So, it’s important to inspect your heating system regularly to identify small issues before they do significant damage to your system. The only solution to internal tank leaks is to replace the heater.


Old Water Heater


Old water heaters are another issue that you need to resolve fast. An electric water heater lasts eight to ten years on average. Gas heaters typically last for six to eight years. Maintaining your water heater properly is the way to extend the life of your heater beyond these standards. However, if your heater was installed more than eight years ago, you should consider replacing it with a new one.




Water heaters are important appliances in your household because they supply the hot water you need. Any malfunction with these systems can lead to unnecessary harassment and inconvenience in your daily work. However, before beginning to malfunction, a water heater will generally show the signs discussed above. Identify the signs and get your heater inspected by a professional plumber to get rid of the issue.
You can always connect with Guru Plumbing for any water heater-related issues, including water heater installation, for the finest services.


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